Giving Drivers an Added Level of Sophistication: BMW Automotive Design

BMW automotive design
BMW made quite a stir in Italy during the Salonne del Mobile in Milan, one of the world’s premier design events. Partnering with Zurich designer Alfredo Haeberli, BMW presented a groundbreaking installation titled “Precision & Poetry.”

According to BMW, the installation is designed with the theme of mobility in mind. Consisting of sharp lines, contrasting colors, rich texture, and plunging shadows, the new installation is just a taste of high quality BMW automotive design.

“Alfredo Häberli approaches our design philosophy with an ingenious passion and conceptual clout,” said art director Adrian van Hooydonk. “I always enjoy philosophising with Alfredo on design and mobility, and I’m delighted to see these ideas now taking shape in an installation as well.”

Aiming to promote active participation in innovative auto design, BMW designers are pushing the boundaries of the industry. BMW wants to encourage other automakers to move beyond stale concepts and give owners a refreshing new change by adding sharper lines, more luxury, and well-defined contours. This design installation is just one of the many ways BMW owners get sophistication other companies just don’t offer.

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Our Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Valentine’s Day Gift IdeasValentine’s Day is coming up. What will you get your significant other? Chocolate? Flowers? A nice dinner out? All fine choices, but why not think outside the heart-shaped box and get your hands a little greasy?

Of course, this applies only if your significant other likes cars almost as much as they like you. Here’s BMW of Santa Maria’s top Valentine’s Day gift ideas for car lovers!


  • Sirius XM Satellite Radio. If your partner spends hours in the car every day, they might love nothing more than commercial-free radio with clear coast-to-coast coverage. Internet radio is the best way to get that.
  • Garage upgrades. If your partner spends more time fiddling with cars rather than driving them, consider getting him some decoration for his mancave. Odds are he’s already got all the tools he needs, but we guarantee you men never complain about more tools.
  • Branded accessories. Mugs, bottles, sunglasses, gloves, bags, watches—you name it, BMW probably sells it.
  • Performance driving school. It’s one thing to own a BMW—it’s another to know the ins and outs of driving it. If your partner is serious about improving their skills (and relishes the idea of driving out on a track), this could be the perfect gift!
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Are BMW and Toyota Creating an Entry-Level MINI?

entry-level MINI

BMW and Toyota will work together to update the BMW Z4

The BMW and Toyota collaboration is expected to produce an all new rear-wheel-drive Toyota Supra featuring BMW’s diesel engine technology, along with a next-generation BMW Z4 using Toyota’s advanced fuel cell know-how. Now, reports suggest something else might be coming down the pipeline: an entry-level MINI called the “Minor.”

The entry-level hatchback would be a smaller, more basic MINI, and engineers are expected to focus their efforts on creating an all-new light-weight platform and removing extra, unnecessary content. According to a source quoted in Automobile Magazine, the Minor would be “pleasantly short on bling.” Currently, the Minor’s projected price falls in the $14,500 to $16,000 range.

“It’s still early days as far as the baby Mini goes. But when our new R&D board member Klaus Fröhlich traveled to America early in the new year, this was one of the subjects on his agenda,” said a source from Mini.

Here at BMW of Santa Maria, we can’t wait to see what exciting new products will come out of the BMW and Toyota collaboration.

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BMW Connected Car Data Will Stay Private

BMW remains committed to protecting all driver information.

Fear not: BMW will continue to protect all connected car data.

In an increasingly connected world, privacy remains major concern. Today, it’s not only our computers and smartphones that are connected to the internet, but it’s our cars, too. On our computers, we can install software to help protect our information from intruders, but what about our cars? How can we make sure that the personal information stored in our cars remains secure?

Cars contain information that would be invaluable to a variety of companies – geo-location data and speed are just a couple of examples. This kind of data would allow companies to target ads to you while you’re on the go.

BMW owners need not worry. According to BMW’s Sales and Marketing Director, Ian Robertson, BMW connected car data will remain confidential and secure. The automaker has assured their owners that they will not sell any personal information, and have installed firewalls to safe guard the car’s data from any intruders.

“There’s plenty of people out there saying: ‘give us all the data you’ve got and we can tell you what we can do with it’,” Robertson told the Financial Times, adding, “And we’re saying: ‘No thank you’.”

Though Robertson mentioned that advertising and “Silicon Valley” companies are asking for the information, he declined to say which ones.

Here at BMW of Santa Maria, we think it’s about time for more auto manufacturers and consumers alike to stand up against the exploitation of customer information. A big round of applause to BMW for taking a stand.

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New BMW Headlights Unveiled

Are you ready for smarter headlights? BMW is making it happen.

Are you ready for smarter headlights? BMW is making it happen.

Computers are in almost everything nowadays and BMW wants to take headlights to a whole new level. Headlights, they light up what’s in front of you; what more can they do?

With BMW’s new concept, much, much more. In what Quartz is calling “the coolest things we saw” at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we add the word ‘smart’ in front of another piece of previously ‘simple’ technology: smart headlights.

The new concept BMW headlights receive GPS data and change direction based on the road ahead. The headlights are also “super-bright laser high beams”, reaching up to 650 yards, that sense when cars are coming and change pattern to avoid blinding other drivers. They also change pattern to avoid detection in mirrors so the driver in front of you won’t be blinded either.

Sensors detect animals and people near the road and illuminate them with a spotlight. On top of all that, the lights can determine the width of a passage and determine whether or not it’s too narrow for your car.

The headlights are currently only available in Germany. Unfortunately for American drivers, the Department of Transportation rules would have to change in order to see this technology on United States roads. Imagine it; never being blinded by oncoming or tailgating cars, worrying about hitting deer or people, or getting stuck in a path too narrow.

The BMW headlights, ‘smart headlights’, have the potential to make roads much safer. Computers are everywhere; why not your headlights as well?

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BMW 9-Series Production Still in Consideration

A return for the BMW 9 Series?

A return for the BMW 9 Series?

Since BMW revealed the Vision Future Luxury Concept last year during the Beijing Auto Show, the industry rumor mill has been turning, suggesting that the concept car was actually the future BMW 9-Series in disguise. Now, almost a year later, these rumors have started up once again, making it seem as if the BMW 9-Series production is still a possibility.

When BMW first revealed the Vision Future Luxury Concept, Adrian van Hooydonk, the BMW Group design director, said that the concept car was more of a design study than a pre-production concept. With its sleek body and form that is slightly larger than the 7-Series, though, speculation is still growing that a new flagship sedan could be in the works. The likelihood of this has increased even further, as BMW’s incoming chief executive, Harald Krüger, is a fan of a 9-Series sedan.

If BMW 9-Series production were to move forward, it wouldn’t arrive in dealership showrooms until 2017. Until then, make sure you check back to BMW of Santa Maria soon!

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

Make your New Year's resolution to keep your car in pristine condition.

Make your New Year’s resolution to keep your car in pristine condition.

The New Year is officially upon us. As we start 2015, are you making big plans for a new you? Perhaps you want to get healthier, increase your savings, or start a new career. While these are all worthwhile goals, don’t forget your faithful steed, your daily driver; your precious car.

Here are a few New Year’s resolutions for your car that can make you a better driver and help you take better care of your car.

  • Get your scheduled maintenance done. No one likes to take their car into the shop, but getting your manufacturer recommended service on-time can prevent more serious and expensive problems from happening in the future.
  • Don’t text while driving. This is never a good idea and makes you more likely to get into an accident. If you just can’t wait to read or respond to a text, pull over. You and the drivers around you will be happy you did.
  • Stop speeding. In reality, speeding doesn’t really get you to your destination significantly faster than you would if you were driving the speed limit. And, by not speeding, you can prevent some expensive tickets and drive more efficiently.

Will you be setting a driving- or car-related resolution this year? We’d like to hear your resolutions for a safer ride in 2015.

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Clever Enthusiast Renders BMW i9 Supercar

Stay tuned for exclusive photos of the jaw-dropping BMW i9.

Stay tuned for exclusive photos of the jaw-dropping BMW i9.

If you had to say one thing about the BMW i8—and we know that there are absolutely a ton of things to say about it, but humor us here—you’d probably move right to its irresistible appearance. Setting performance and proficiency completely aside, the BMW i8 looks positively unlike anything else on the road today.

Given this fact, it says something that a fan’s render of what they believe the BMW i9 supercar should look like is almost 100% wilder than even the i8.

Don’t believe us? Take a look:

BMW Blog posted the renders a day after Christmas, and while here at BMW of Santa Maria can’t say with any certainty that the eventual i9 will look anything like these clever renders, we’re certainly hopeful that they would. After all, it’s not every day that you have the opportunity to drive a real-world Batmobile with unmatched fuel efficiency and the luxurious appointments one can expect from a BMW.

With rumors suggesting that the i9 will be arriving in 2016 as the next entry in the BMW i Series (possibly joined by the hydrogen-powered i5, per Digital Trends), we hope to know more about it as 2015 unfolds. Watch this space, and have a Happy New Year.

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Ward’s Auto Names BMW i3 Best Engine in Diverse List

The award-winning BMW i3.

The award-winning BMW i3.

Ward’s Auto is wrapping up 2014 with their annual “Best Engines” list, in which 10 new engines from the year are chosen as the best of the best. This year, Ward’s Auto even expanded their definition of “engines” to include alternative powertrains, making this year one of the most diverse yet.

Among the chosen engines is the BMW 127-kilowatt i3 Electric Motor, one of only two untraditional “engines” to make the list, in addition to Hyundai’s 100-kW Fuel Cell. Four battery-electric powertrains were eligible for the honor.

The 10 winners were chosen from a respectable list of 37 engines, all of which were tested and analyzed thoroughly by the Ward’s Auto staff. All 10 winners offer truly superior technology, but Hyundai and BMW’s i3 electric motor truly represent enormous achievements.

We are hardly surprised to hear of the BMW i3 Best Engine honor. To check out a BMW for yourself, head on down to BMW Santa Maria to explore our many available models.

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More Go-Juice Than A Corvette: The BMW 5 Series GT Concept

Stay tuned for more info about the BMW 5 Series GT Concept!

Stay tuned for more info about the BMW 5 Series GT Concept!

There’s a quiet revolution going on over at BMW. Last week in France, the German automaker revealed a BMW 5 series GT concept that possesses 670 hp.

“Okay,” you might think, “That’s pretty brawny.” But here’s the kicker: it’s a plug-in hybrid! As AutoBlog points out, this means that BMW has put together a PHEV crossover that boasts more horsepower than the top trim level 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

This amazing GT concept is part of a wider strategy by the BMW Group. Laid out in a recent press release, the company would like “to transfer this eDrive technology to all models of its core brands” over the long-term. The eDrive not only powers the GT concept, but has already seen real-world success with the BMW i8 and the BMW i3. The key to eDrive propulsion is what BMW calls “precise synchronization between the internal combustion engine and the electric motor.”

Visit BMW of Santa Maria and talk to our associates about eDrive technology and the coming hybridization of BMW models!

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