BMW i3 Sings New Tune with Eve.Ryn Tune Up

The BMW i3 doesn’t just represent the future of the electric car, with its carbon-fiber body and electric powertrain—it also looks like it has come back from the future with its spaceship-like styling. Japanese aftermarket tuner Garage Eve.Ryn has decided to play up this futuristic styling, giving the i3 a makeover that makes it more eye-popping than ever before.

Through a combination of carbon fiber strips and a redesigned front bumper, the Eve.Ryn tune up has resulted in the i3 EVO, a significantly more aggressive-looking i3. With slightly exaggerated fender flares that add an E.T.-esque look to the electric car and a black and white front fascia that just might remind you of a stormtrooper, this new i3 is any sci-fi lover’s dream car. Ice Blue accents throughout the car’s exterior enhance the space-like feel to the car, making it even more appealing.

While there’s no information on how the aftermarket tuner has enhanced the powertrain—if they have actually done so—the car still takes its eco-friendliness to a whole new world. For a look at the BMW i3’s otherworldliness, make sure you stop in to BMW of Santa Maria!

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Horsepower for the BMW M2 Keeps Ticking Up

The past few months, information has slowly trickled in regarding the upcoming smallest M car. Now, a new report from BMW Blog says that the horsepower for the BMW M2 may be as high as 374 ponies, created by its turbocharged inline-six cylinder engine, complementing 384 lb-ft of torque.

horsepower for the BMW M2Originally, sources had indicated the output would be closer to 360 horsepower, so an increase is great news. The engine will likely be mated to either a six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. With this combination, the M2 is estimated to reach 62 mph in just 4.3 seconds.

The compact M2 will share some of the same features as other BMW M cars, including the steering, the brake system, and the active M differential.

Production for this small powerhouse is scheduled to begin in late 2015 with the first deliveries in early 2016. Pricing is estimated to start around $55,000.

Keep checking in to BMW of Santa Maria for updates on the M2 as they continue to trickle in.

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Lower Cost of Carbon Fiber Could Help BMW Use It More Often

We’ve talked a lot this month about the new BMW electric vehicles, and one of the reasons people love them so much is because of their unbelievable efficiency numbers. One of the reasons for those big efficiency numbers is the introduction of more carbon fiber in both the 2015 BMW i3 and the 2015 BMW i8. Read more »


And The Oscar Goes To … BMWs In Movies – BMW of Santa Maria Blog

BMWs always seem to make their way into popular movies. They are fast and perform excellently, making them the go-to car when an action flick demands a flashy ride for a chase scene. Not to mention, they are just undeniably photogenic. Here are a few of the coolest BMWs in movies!

No matter how hard he tried to avoid them (which, admittedly, wasn’t very hard), James Bond always seemed to get involved in car chases. In Tomorrow Never Dies, Mr. Bond drives a 1997 BMW E38 750iL, operating it via his cell phone from the backseat.

And who can forget the BMW featured in Back To The Future: II? In that flick, the antagonist Biff Tannen drove a very futuristic-looking 1983 E24 633 CSi.

Another franchise that you can count on to feature fantastic car chases is Mission Impossible. It’s also apparently a good place to see BMW concept cars! In the franchise’s fourth installment, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) drove the i8, an all-electric sports car concept, a car that went on to become a real-life production model. Be sure to check out the i8 in the official trailer below:

Visit BMW of Santa Maria today and find a BMW that’s perfect for your own story!

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iPhone 6 Plus vs. BMW Car: Ultimate Durability Test

Last month, the tech world was all abuzz with the release of Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. People lined up for hours, days even, to get their hands on the technology giant’s latest gadget. However, we at BMW of Santa Maria recently learned of one guy who was willing to risk his precious, new phone for the sake of an experiment. His video of the event is aptly named “iPhone 6 Plus vs. BMW Car.”

Trust us; you’ll want to watch the video because you won’t believe us when we tell you the phone actually won! Not even a scratch could be seen.

For whatever reason, the phone’s owner had the idea to place a brand spanking new iPhone 6 Plus under the wheel of a BMW 5 Series to test its durability. The YouTube video includes footage from both the videographer’s camera and the iPhone under duress. It’s pretty incredible to see the phone survive the pressure of a sedan, weighing somewhere in the 3,300 to 3,800 lbs range, rolling over it… twice.

All in all, only a few buttons on the phone were pressed in the process and the owner was able to avoid heading to the Apple repair shop. The iPhone held up pretty well against the BMW 5 Series in this battle – but on the other hand, at least BMW’s don’t bend when you put them in your pocket!

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More BMW Electric Cars Headed to U.S.

When BMW first announced plans to develop what would eventually become the 2015 BMW i3, they did so hoping that it would become wildly popular and perhaps even change the way that some consumers viewed the everyday commuter vehicle. At the time there was no way of knowing if that’s how things would actually come across, but so far sales of the i3 in the U.S. have been incredibly strong. Read more »

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2015 BMW i8 Configurator Is Live

By this point, everybody’s well aware of the fact that the 2015 BMW i8 going to be one of the year’s most amazing and revolutionary vehicles. With its combination of looks, speed and jaw-dropping efficiency, there really is no car like it in the world today. Well, we’ve got great news for those of our customers that have been waiting patiently for it: the release date is rapidly approaching, something made perfectly clear by the activation of the online i8 configurator. Read more »

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New 2014 BMW M235i Offers Luxury for a Lower Price Tag

2014 BMW M235i	The 2014 BMW M235i Coupe is bringing a lot to the table. Yielding 22-mpg in the city and a striking 32-mpg on the highway when paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, this 320 horsepower coupe is the perfect combination of power and efficiency.

With an extraordinarily long streamlined body and the classic BMW front grille, the M235i fits right in with its fellow BMW models. The car has an especially quiet cabin that allows for a serene driving experience, even at high speeds. Auto Week says “this car is what a BMW is supposed to drive like.” This could be due, in part, to the wheel paddle shifting that makes the vehicle so fun to drive.

“The BMW M235i is a handful of power that opens the door for buyers looking to get into the M-series range without the true sticker shock” reports Auto Week. The car offers power with a straight-six turbo engine, good fuel economy, and wheel paddle shifting that makes driving pleasurable and easy – and it starts at a base price of just $44,025. To experience affordable luxury firsthand, stop by BMW of Santa Maria for a test drive today.

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2015 BMW 2 Series Convertible Coming Early 2015

There’s no question that the BMW 2 Series has been a ripping success, with consumers snatching up the newish BMW coupe because of its sporty charm and solid performance numbers, but we here at BMW of Santa Maria are happy to announce that a new 2 Series convertible is on the way, which should make these vehicles even more exciting than they already are. Read more »

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Take Care of Your BMW With The BMW Maintenance Program

BMW Maintenance Program

BMW is happy to announce when you purchase a new BMW vehicle, the BMW Maintenance Program will also be included.

BMW does not just want you coming back because we have great cars, though our cars are some of the best. We also want to ensure that you have a great experience as a BMW owner, too. To ensure that you are receiving the best maintenance possible, BMW of Santa Maria is now happy to announce that the purchase of a new BMW includes the BMW Maintenance Program. This program covers all factory-recommended maintenance and the replacement of certain items due to normal wear and tear for absolutely no charge.

The program, which lasts for the first 4 years/50,000 miles (whichever comes first), can also be upgraded for an additional 2 years/50,000 miles. This extension also increases the standard 4 years/unlimited mileage BMW Roadside Assistance Program by an additional 2 years.

With this offer, BMW owners will not only receive the best care for their car possible, but also save an unbelievable amount of money. Certain limitations and exclusions apply to this program, so make sure you stop in to BMW of Santa Maria’s service center today for more details.

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