2015 BMW i8 Debuts at Concours d’Elegance

Anybody with kids knows that the movie “Frozen” has been the cultural phenomenon of 2014. With lines at Disneyworld four hours deep just to meet the movie’s princesses, and everybody’s children collectively singing “Let It Go” on repeat for eight months straight, it’s kind of hard to argue that there’s anything that children love more these days.

Of course, we adults deserve something “Frozen” to fall in love with, as well, and luckily for us BMW recently showed off a special one-of-a-kind version of the 2015 BMW i8 at the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach, which featured a truly beautiful Frozen Grey Metallic paint job that somehow made the brand new i8 look even more beautiful than it already did. Read more »

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BMW’s Spartanburg Factory Exports More Vehicles than All of Michigan

2015 BMW X3 | Spartanburg Factory

The 2015 BMW X3 is one of many being produced at the Spartanburg factory in South Carolina.

Who do you think ships the most cars out of North America? Ford? GM? Maybe even Chrysler? It’s gotta be one of the Detroit Three, right?

Nope. It turns out the biggest automotive exporter is BMW’s Spartanburg factory in South Carolina, and not by a small margin either: it sends out more vehicles every year than all of Michigan combined.

To be fair to the Detroit Three, a lot of this exporting is related to how BMW just sells more cars in Europe than it does in the United States. That being said, the Spartanburg factory is a tale of success that makes the feat even more remarkable.

When it originally opened up in 1994, South Carolina’s small economy made its success uncertain, to say the least. In those 20 years since, however, BMW managed to create 8,000 jobs and build a powerhouse factory that produces 300,000 units every year. In 2016, the German automaker plans to take that production up to 450,000 and add another 800 jobs.

Learn more at BMW of Santa Maria!

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2013 BMW 128i Draws Away Non-Luxury Consumers

It’s a big deal when a customer is able to step onto a BMW dealership for the first time with the intention to leave with a new luxury car. Without question, it is a special time in a person’s life when they finally have the means to purchase their first BMW vehicle, and according to a study done by Polk and IHS Automotive, one interesting BMW vehicle has, over the course of the last year, been more successful at stealing away those first-time luxury car buyers than any other model in our lineup: the 2013 BMW 128i. Read more »


Used BMW 3 Series Among Best Luxury Values

It’s very easy to assume that buying a luxury vehicle is an unreasonably expensive proposition, but we here at BMW Santa Maria can tell you with absolute confidence that this really isn’t the case. Of course, there are ways to spend a whole lot of money on a new BMW vehicle, but there also are plenty of ways that consumers can get themselves into a BMW for a surprisingly reasonable amount of money. Read more »

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Samsung SDI Batteries Continue in BMW Electrics

After debuting the BMW i3 and i8 models, BMW has now announced that it will continue to use Samsung SDI batteries in their electric and hybrid models. This is great news for both BMW and Samsung considering how much anticipation there is for sales of BMW electric line and the extended contract the South-Korean based electric company is getting.

“The German automaker this week expanded its current agreement with the South Korean battery-making giant,” said Danny King from AutoblogGreen. “BMW and Samsung SDI reached a memorandum of understanding for Samsung to keep making batteries for BMW’s growing stable of i3 battery-electric and i8 plug-in hybrids as well as yet-to-be revealed hybrid models.”

These two companies have already been together since 2009, and now it is expected that BMW will spend an billion dollars to continue this contract with each other. Samsung SDI batteries will help to boost how many electric vehicles will be made, thus will be driven on the road. It is expected that there will be 5.2 million electric and hybrid vehicles on the road, which is seven percent of all passenger cars. This could be huge news for the future.

Unfortunately at BMW of Santa Maria we do not carry any of the BMW i3 or i8 models with the Samsung SDI batteries, but be sure to check back to see when they may become available.

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1 Million BMWs Sold in 2014, Already!

Car sales have been up recently, which is great news considering the harsh winter a lot of states faced. BMW Group sales have been even better, because they reached something that they have never done before. So far, there have already been 1 million BMWs sold in the first six months of 2014.

There are multiple vehicles to thank for having 1 million BMWs sold in 2014. “Sales of the BMW 2 Series, which has been in dealerships since March, have continued to develop well with 11,067 delivered in the year-to-date,” said a BMW news release. “With a total of 233,438 cars delivered (prev. yr. 216,593), sales of the BMW 3 Series rose 7.8% in the first half of the year while deliveries of the BMW 4 Series – available since September 2013 – reached 47,031 in the year-to-date. Sales of the BMW 5 Series rose 7.6% in the same period (193,560 / prev. yr. 179,863). In June, BMW 7 Series sales increased 6.4% with a total of 5,358 deliveries (prev. yr. 5,035); BMW 7 Series sales for the year-to-date remain around the previous year’s level with 26,378 deliveries (prev. yr. 27,090 / -2.6%). Sales of the BMW X1 remained steady in the first half of 2014 with 79,344 units delivered (prev. yr. 79,063 / +0.4%). Demand for the BMW X3 continued to grow in the first six months of the year with a total of 82,830 customer deliveries (prev. yr. 77,950 / +6.3%). The BMW X5 was a significant growth driver in June with 13,097 deliveries (prev. yr. 9,661 / + 35.6%) as was the BMW X6, which saw an increase in sales of 18.4% (3,341 / prev. yr. 2,822).”

1 Million BMWs Sold in 2014

Sales of the 2014 BMW 2 Series have contributed to the 1 million BMWs sold in 2014.

If you purchased a BMW and helped to contribute to the 1 million BMWs sold in 2014, then let us know in the comment box which BMW model you got and how much you like it! If you want to be a part of the future of BMW sales, then come see us at BMW of Santa Maria to test drive the perfect model.

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2014 BMW 6 Series Convertible Among Best in Business

There’s something about summertime that makes owning a convertible such a wonderful idea, particularly those warm July nights where the sun sets later and the fresh west coast air just tastes like paradise. However, living in California grants us all the ability to buy a convertible that we can essentially use all year long, and if you are, in fact, considering buying a drop-top, there aren’t many better than the 2014 BMW 6 Series. Read more »

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BMW’s Beautiful EV, the 2014 BMW i8, Costs a Pretty Penny

When BMW decided to enter the choppy electric vehicle (EV) waters, they didn’t want to waste time wading. In fact, they decided to simply dive into the deep end with the all-new 2014 BMW i8, the brand’s first ever plug-in hybrid sports car. We know, all those words put together in the same sentence, especially “BMW” and “hybrid,” looks like heresy at first—but just take a look at the beautiful i8 and we think you’ll be won over pretty quickly. We certainly were.

2014 BMW i8

2014 BMW i8

Obviously BMW believes in its sleek new sports car as well. In fact, the $136,650 starting price seems to imply that BMW is even prouder of the new EV sports car than they are of some of their more established roadsters. The i8 also comes loaded with special options, like the Pure Impulse World option that adds exclusive features like a BMW i Blue seatbelt, the Giga World option with 20-inch BMW i wheels and perforated leather seats, and finally the Tera World option with a Tera leather-and-cloth interior.

Deliveries of the sexiest EV ever will begin this August, so come see us at BMW of Santa Maria to place your order and to choose from special colors like Frozen Grey and i Frozen Blue for your i8’s accents. We’ll be waiting, but the i8 won’t be; we except these special babies to sell out fast.

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BMW 5 Series Named Among Safest Cars

For a long time, it was enough for luxury vehicles to just be luxurious in terms of design and muscle under the hood, but today’s consumers have also grown increasingly concerned with safety features and crash test scores, which isn’t surprising considering the number of automotive injuries and fatalities that are reported ever year.

The good news is that those fatalities dropped by over 2% last year, which is a huge number when one considers the massive number of cars, trucks and SUVs that are out on American roads today. What’s the reason for the drop? The onset of some really incredible advanced safety features that have made driving safer than it’s ever been.

Forbes recently put together a list of what they consider to be the 13 safest vehicles of the 2014 model year, highlighting those cars that made the best use of these new safety technologies and saw elite safety scores as a result. As your BMW dealer, we’re happy to announce that the 2014 BMW 5 Series was on the list.

This should come as no surprise considering the laundry list of advanced safety technologies available with the popular sedan, including rearview camera, front and rear parking sensors, lane-departure warning system, blind-spot warning system, forward collision warning and mitigation, night vision, and pedestrian detection. A five-star NHTSA safety rating and IIHS Top Safety Pick designation certainly don’t hurt anything, either.

This is one of the best-selling luxury vehicles ever, so it makes sense that BMW engineers would put a lot of effort into making it extremely safe. That the finished product truly is one of the safest cars in the industry is a testament to those engineers’ efforts.

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BMW 3 Series is 1 of the Best Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars

Having you been looking for a deal on a certified pre-owned vehicles but not sure which ones are the best and which ones you can afford? Well, Kelley Blue Book compiled a list of the Best Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars and a BMW model just happens to be on it.

First of all, we need to specify what the difference between a used vehicle and a certified pre-owned vehicle is. Certified Pre-Owned warranties often cover used cars in order to make you feel safer and trust the reliability. There are two types of CPO warranties, the manufacturer and the dealership specific warranties.

“The primary difference between a manufacturer CPO warranty and a dealer-backed plan is that a factory warranty must be honored by any dealership of that brand. While a dealership specific warranty will sometimes only be honored at that dealer.” – Jalopnik

Ok, so now we can get into what BMW model made KBB.com’s list. In the list it specifically states that a 2011 BMW 3 Series earned great remarks for certified pre-owned luxury vehicles under $30,000. As a matter of fact, it didn’t just earn great remarks, but it took over the entire list by being ranked #1!

According to KBB.com, “The hand-selected list includes a roster of 10 standouts from all 2011 model-year luxury cars with a Kelley Blue Book® Certified Pre-Owned Price starting under $30,000.  The best-selling luxury car in the country and the epitome of sport sedans, the 2011 BMW 3 Series is ranked No. 1 for its driving feel at an impressive starting Kelley Blue Book CPO Price of approximately $25,500.” (Via a BMW News Release)

To find out more about the BMW 3 Series and find out why it is one the Best Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars, contact us at BMW of Santa Maria!

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